Childcare Fees

​Our fees are billed on a monthly basis and are due at the beginning of each month. Regular fees apply for days absent for illness, vacation or other reason.

Families eligible for the new Affordable Child Care Benefit will be responsible for the difference between their monthly childcare fees and the monthly subsidy claim. Learn how to apply for this credit yourself online.

As of September 1st, 2020, please note our current fees in bold that include the parent fee reduction.

  5 days /wk 4 days /wk 3 days /wk 2 days /wk   Drop-in
Infant Program $1186 /mo $954 /mo $723 /mo $486 /mo   $62 /day
with gov’t fee reduction $836 /mo $674 /mo $513 /mo $346 /mo    
Toddler Program $1124 /mo $903 /mo $684 /mo $460 /mo   $59 /day
with gov’t fee reduction $774 /mo $623 /mo $474 /mo $320 /mo    
Little Friends Program $825 /mo $665 /mo $507 /mo $342 /mo   $44 /day
with gov’t fee reduction $725 /mo $585 /mo $447 /mo $302 /mo    

The Today ‘N’ Tomorrow Learning Society’s (TNTLS) facilities: Teddies ‘N’ Toddlers Childcare Centre and Little Friends Early Learning Centre respectfully, have been approved to opt in to the Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative to reduce parent fees.

Parent fee reduction amounts that TNTLS will receive are prescribed by the Ministry of Children and Family Development and are based on type of care. The amount(s) TNTLS will receive to reduce parent fees for full-time care, per child, are listed below (part-time enrolments will receive a pro-rated amount):

  • $350/month – Group infant/toddler (under 36 months) care
  • $100/month – Group childcare for 3 years to Kindergarten

Additionally, TNTLS was approved by the Ministry to implement the following fee increase(s) effective September 1st, 2021:

  • $836.00/month – Group infant program (under 24 months) care
  • $774.00/month – Group toddler program (under 36 months) care
  • $725.00/month – Group childcare for 3 years to Kindergarten

Fees above include the parent fee reduction initiative and are based on full-time enrollment (5 days/week).