Childcare Fees

​Our fees are billed on a monthly basis and are due at the beginning of each month. Regular fees apply for days absent for illness, vacation or other reason.

Families eligible for the new Affordable Child Care Benefit will be responsible for the difference between their monthly childcare fees and the monthly subsidy claim. Learn how to apply for this credit yourself online.


We are now part of the $10-a-day Child Care Program.  Our fee structure has changed.

Monthly Child Care Program Fees

  5 days /wk 4 days /wk 3 days /wk 2 days /wk
Infant Program $10/Day $200 $180 $160 $140
Regular Fee $1186  $954  $723  $486 
Toddler Program $10/Day $200 $180 $160 $140
Regular Fee $1124 $903 $684 $460
Little Friends Program $10/Day $200 $180 $160 $140
Regular Fee $825 $665 $507 $342

The Today ‘N’ Tomorrow Learning Society’s (TNTLS) facilities: Teddies ‘N’ Toddlers Childcare Centre and Little Friends Early Learning Centre respectfully are now part of the $10-a-day Child Care Program.  Our reduced fees are subject to continued government funding.